Campaign Statement

November 8th, 2016.  11:50pm

As a result of this campaign more voters understand that mental illness does not equal violent behavior.  95 to 97 percent of all violent crimes are committed by persons without mental illness and persons with mental illness are 10 times more likely to be victims of violent crime. Stigmatizing and then profiling a person by speculating about future criminal behavior is a slippery slope.

Additionally, compromise of due process by allowing lower courts to have immediate hearings without notice or appearance of the defendant that results in the removal of firearms based on hearsay from petitioners which can include former roommates and dating  partners will most certainly be challenged as unconstitutional.

Lastly, without including a “treatment” model for defendants as part of this initiative, the likelihood that it will significantly reduce gun violence is questionable.

Thank you to those who voted against Initiative 1491.  Trying to inform voters about this initiative against a campaign with over 4 million dollars worth of funding was challenging to say the least.  But worth it knowing it educated many voters on misconceptions about mental illness and violence.


David Combs


Disclaimer: The views expressed on are those of the author and political committee – KNOW I-1491 SPONSORED BY DAVID COMBS.  They do not imply endorsement by any organization referenced or quoted regardless of any affiliation to them by David Combs.

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